ESC Working Group on Adult
Congenital Heart Disease

Progress in the treatment of congenital heart disease is a success story enabling an increasing number of patients, even with complex congenital heart anomalies, to reach adult age. Accordingly, the number of adult patients with congenital heart disease is constantly growing.

However, since true correction of the cardiac lesions is seldomly achieved, these patients need lifelong expertise surveillance. There is an increasing demand for education and training in congenital heart disease, particularly in the adult patient group.

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Nucleus 2020-2022

Past Chairperson, EuroACHD 2022 Local Host
Prof. Jolien W. Roos-Hesselink, FESC

Dr. Gerhard P. Diller, FESC

Prof. Michael Gatzoulis

Dr. Berto Bouma

Dr. Oktay Tutarel, FESC

Communication Coordinator
Dr. Laura Dos Subirà

Ordinary Nucleus members
Dr. Giancarlo Scognamiglio
Dr. Margarita Brida
Dr. Magalie Ladouceur

Non-voting members
Prof. Werner Budts, Liaison with AEPC
Dr. Alessandro Giamberti, Liason with EACTS
Dr. Daniel Tobler, ISACHD Representative
Prof. Sabine Ernst, EHRA Representative